• Palm Hydrangea and Citrus New!Meet the latest members of the Jack’s family!


      You asked, we answered! We have expanded our products to meet your growing needs.
      Palm Food
      , Citrus FeED and Hydrangea Blue are now available to keep you growing!


      Keep your plants growing all season long in one easy feed with our new, reformulated ClassiCote®. This time-release product is combined with environmentally friendly Crystal Green.


      Grow Professionally with Jack's


      Why is this important? Because you love your plants! Feeding your plants with the best quality fertilizer will allow for continued plant health over time. These features make Jack's Classic, home professional formulas, the best available on the market today:


      • ClassiCote with Crystal GreenCompletely water soluble so that all fertilizer nutrients dissolve completely
      • Exclusive blend using only the highest purity nutrients, exactly the same as our professional blends
      • All the micronutrients and trace elements in a balanced ratio for optimum plant growth
      • Proprietary chelating formula which keeps fertilizer nutrients in solution and available
        for your plant
      • Widest safety factor protects against foliage burning
      • Excess soluble salts free—means a high proportion of usable nutrients and less
        of those that could injure plants.


      Jack's Classic Water Soluble Plant Food from JR PETERS Inc.


      Cari in the greenhouse

      Our Family at JR PETERS Inc has made available a complete line of the most soluble fertilizer products for the true hobbyist and/or home grower.


      We introduced our line of consumer products under the Jack's Classic label back in 1999. We offer a full line of fertilizer formulas made with the exact same quality raw materials that we use for the professional greenhouse grower. These formulas are available in many different sizes and packages to fit our home grower's needs.


      This includes all of the standard formulations that gardeners have come to trust over the years. In addition, we developed several new innovative fertilizer formulas for your home that address nutritional issues with today's more popular plants.


      Take 1/4 teaspoon of Jack's Classic and dissolve it in a glass of water. Next, stir it up. The result will be a clear solution. This means, all of the nutrients are in true solution and will be available to your plants, a key factor for professional growers when looking for a fertilizer to feed their plants.


      We know there are many other home fertilizers out there today. Compare and see! Perform the solubility test with our competitors' products. See the clear choice, literally and figuratively.


      Quality plant food since 1947
      Made in the USA


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