We have listed the answers to the some questions that we receive most often. If you don't see your question here, or need to get intouch with us pesonally, click here to contact us.

Q: Who is the JR PETERS Laboratory?

A: Our laboratory has been in operation since 1947. We are a family owned, operated and customer friendly company. Here is a quick chronology of our identities:

  • 1947 - 1979 Robert B. Peters Co. Lab
  • 1979 - 1989 Peters/Terra Lite Testing Lab-W.R. Grace and Co.
  • 1989 - 1993 Grace Sierra Testing Lab
  • 1993 - 1997 Scotts Testing Lab
  • 1997 - 6/2002 Scotts Testing Lab, owned and operated by JR PETERS, INC.
  • 7/1/2002 till present JR PETERS Laboratory

A proud US based small business located in Allentown, PA. After all these years in business, we are the lab that truly understands the needs of the greenhouse and nursery professional. Our founder, Bob Peters started it all!

Q: What is the price for testing with the JR PETERS Lab?

A: The price is $40 per sample for Growing Media, Plant Tissue, or Water, & $44 for Fertilizer Solutions.

If you test 100 or more samples per year, you may qualify for a discount. Call us at 866-522-5752 to check. We also offer physical testing, QA testing, and other custom testing. If you only need pH and E.C., no problem, we do that.

Call us for pricing or for special requests.

Q: What is your sample turnaround time?

A: Our typical turnaround time is 24–48 hours. For faster service, laboratory results are available via PDF e-mail. We will even notify you when your samples are received. Just include your e-mail address with your samples.

Q: Can I send a sample even though I don't have your sample mailers?

A: Yes. You can send any sample in any type of package you like to the following address:




You can also call 866-522-5752, ext. 46 to order stickers and/or a supply of FREE Media, Plant Tissue, and Solution sample mailers or you can download the sample submission forms on this site under technical service/ downloads.

Q: Can I buy Specialty Chemicals through the lab?

A: Yes, we offer a complete line of chemicals designed to supplement your fertilization program. Chemicals are available in convenient small size packages and can be purchased via credit card. Call the lab for details or purchase online through this site.