Quality Control

Our Products, Our People, Our own In-house Laboratory

JR PETERS INC has its own in-house testing laboratory. The JR PETERS Laboratory™ provides testing for the biggest names in horticulture-for manufacturers of horticultural products, university researchers, and professional growers throughout the world.

"We use our own on-site laboratory to listen to you!"

Over 2 million laboratory tests have led us to design a suite of formulations that are about RESULTS, not about marketing and SKU's. At JR PETERS INC, our Family of employees hear your problems and we design products that produce results.

Our raw material quality control and selection enhances all formations be ensuring there will be no precipitate or sludge in the bottom of tank or lines or as an insoluble compound in your media. Our refined nutrient selection process chooses the major secondary and trace elements that are 100% soluble and contain the lowest amount of byproduct allowed by the industry:


Quality Raw Materials

JR Peters Inc Produces the Highest Quality Fertilizer Products

We know what it costs us to manufacture Jack's Fertilizers. In 2010, our manufacturing facility began the process of Lean Transformation. We are evaluating each of our processes in order to make our production more efficient.

To use an old cliché, the cheaper brand manufacturer must know what his material is worth.

Here at JR Peters, we are striving to bring your our cutting edge technology at extremely competitive prices, so even though you are paying a bit more, the results in the use of our products will prove their worth.

High quality Jack's Fertilizers is one of the best investments you can make!

Custom Packaging and Formulation

JR PETERS Inc can help with custom formulations and contract packaging and help enhance existing formulations

Having over 63 years of formulating experience, JR Peters can assist you with new products or improve an existing product and help bring it to market.


State of the art equipment satisfies a broad spectrum of packaging requirements:

  • Form, fill and seal
  • Vertical bagging (paper or plastic-various sizes)
  • Rigid cups/paper board boxes
  • Super Sacks
  • Liquids