10-0-0 Mag Trate LX

Description & Key Benefits

Jack's Mag Trate is a fantastic formula to add that extra boost of Magnesium to almost any fertility program.  Magnesium is such an essential secondary nutrient and plays a pivital role in the molecule of chlorophyll. 

Signs of deficeiney in the leaves look like overall yellowing in the middle and lower leaves.  Using Jack's Mag-Trate as a booster or as part of a regular fertility plan will provide the highest quality most soluble magnesium availbe in water solubles.

This product is formulated with 100% nitrate nitrogen, 9% magnesium, and a full micronutrient package. It can be tank mixed with other Jack’s LXTM formulas.

For use on

All plants can benefit from a boost of Magnesium once in a while.

Geraniums and tomatoes are just a few examples of plants that are very susceptable to a magnesium deficeincy.