15-15-15 Geranium

Description & Key Benefits

Jack's Geranium 15-15-15 is well known as Dr. Cari Peters favorite formula.  An ideal fertilizer for geraniums and other neutral pH loving plants. Dr. Cari spent a significant portion of her Masters and PhD prgram studying the effect of nutritional imbalances in many differnt types of geraniums. After all that time, she still beleives in the simple strength off this formula.

The high phosphorus content promotes strong root growth and bud set in the plant (also, great for pink hydrangeas). The high nitrate nitrogen content (56%) and the general-purpose level of micronutrients help minimize nutritional toxicities on geraniums.

This formula grows fantastic geraniums when you have a good source of calcium already in your water source.  Its slightly acidic nature keeps pH on the downward trend without causing pH drop out in the plant root zone.

Note* if water source does not have over 40 ppm Ca, or is slgihtly acidic  growers can use this formula as an alternate with the standard 15-5-15 and still see many of the greening and blooming effects we love from the Geranium 15-15-15.

For use on

Geraniums, marigolds, and other plants with media pH requirements above 6.2.