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  • Home Gardeners
    Use Jack’s Classic fertilizers to grow and maintain your flowers, fruits and vegetables at home. Feed your plants with the best quality fertilizer to allow for continued plant health over time. We offer a full line of fertilizer formulas made with the exact same quality raw materials that we use for the professional greenhouse grower - Jack’s Classic. Our Jack’s Classic line are available in many different sizes and packages to fit our home grower's needs.
  • Controlled Environment
    Grow your plants in a liquid nutrient solution, rather than in soil.
  • Garden Centers
    Maintain loyal customers are the key to a successful garden retail business. We help you to maintain loyal customers by helping them grow plants successfully. Selling Jack’s Classic fertilizers is one of the best ways to help
  • Professional Growers
    JR Peters is proud to offer professional greenhouse growers, a large variety of high quality water soluble fertilizers. WIth over 60 stock formulas and the ability to create a variety of extremely soluble custom blend formulations. The research team at Jack's Professional can meet your needs. Whatever you are growing and regardless of your water quality, there is a formula that is a perfect fit for you.
Made in the USA: The family at JR Peters have been hard at work building fertilizers that keep in mind sustainable practices, efficient manufacturing and local team members. We love our home! Our company has been based in Allentown, Pennsylvania for over 70 years. Our goal is to produce innovative fertilizers and nutrient blends whose quality is unsurpassed using new and traditional blending methods.


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