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Home Gardeners: Providing you with useful information to keep your garden blooming

Home gardeners measure success through senses and emotions, happy when their plants are growing well and problem-free. They enjoy looking at gardens full of colorful blooms. They love cooking delicious meals of freshly picked vegetables. They feel great when a neighbor compliments them on their plants. The easier to grow, the more problem-free the plant, the more vivid the colors, the tastier the flavors, or the more aromatic the fragrance, the happier your customers will be. Jack’s Classic® formulations are designed to make plants easier to grow, and simply grow better.

Loyal customers are the key to a successful garden retail business. The simplest way to ensure loyalty is to help them grow plants successfully. Selling Jack’s Classic® Water Soluble Fertilizer is one of the best ways to help!

SHOW MORE Be sure to “show more” by placing Jack’s Classic products at several locations other than the fertilizer section of your store. Make a sale! Product placement in proximity to the checkout is a great way to point out that your store uses Jack's fertilizer.

TELL MORE Educate your customers about Jack’s products. The JR Peters family has 66 years of experience manufacturing premium water-soluble plant food for retail and commercial markets. Once they know JR PETERS is the original Peters company/family, it will be easy to make the Jack’s Classic sale! Our name changed, but consumers who want quality fertilizers made by the Peters family, now are buying Jack’s Classic products!

SELL MORE “The Dynamic Duo” promotion encourages customers to purchase two great Jack's products that work together seamlessly. Prominent placement and promotion will encourage buying and profits.

BANNER: Water-resistant poly banner measures 24"x 36". Promote Jack’s Classic fertilizers and our mission for providing Professional Plant Food for your Home.

COUNTER MAT: Increase your sales and protect your counter! These durable, waterproof, 19"x 14", mats remind cashiers to suggest Jack’s products to keep plants looking as great as the day they left your store.

PLANT STAKE (shown below): Place these two-sided, plastic, 6"x 6" signs with insert stakes in potted plants. Let your customers know your beautiful plants are grown with Jack’s and they can achieve the same results at home with Jack's Classic.

CLEAR SOLUTION KIT: This register display kit includes an 8"x 11" display stand and two comparison bottles. Show your customers, visually, the difference between Jack's Classic and the leading competitor by mixing them into the provided bottles. Seeing is believing!

Attract attention to Jack’s Classic® with colorful, durable banners. Plant bench cards remind shoppers that the best growing results are powered by Jack’s Classic® plant food. Counter mats remind shoppers and store associates to power their plants with Jack’s Classic®.  

To request your Point of Purchase materials, click HERE to download the form today! 

Looking for some helpful seasonal tips to provide to homeowners?  Check out our Seasonal POP sheets below - Simply select the formula tip sheet to download

Looking for some helpful seasonal tips to provide to homeowners? Check out our Seasonal Point of Purchase sheets - select the formula tip sheet below to download:

Spring POP Sheets

All Purpose - Perfect for succulents!
Acid Special - Keep your blueberries happy!
Blossom Booster - Promotes Flowering! 
EXACT Mix Sprayer - Feeding your plants is E A S Y!
Orchid - Everything your orchids need!
Tomato FeED - For peppers, cucumbers, melons and herbs too!

Fall POP Sheets

All Purpose - Give your fall garden a boost!
Blossom Booster - Help your plants establish a healthy root system!
Petunia FeED - Petunia FeED, not just for Petunias.
Orchid - Everything your orchids need!
Houseplant Special - Got houseplants like snake plants, pothos, and spider plants?
African Violet - Do you have a hungry African Violet?
Orchid Special - Orchids have a reputation of being a tough plant to care for.