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Need to Connect with the Blue Crew?
Whether your looking to optimize your plant nutrition program, trying to find a supplier, or just have a new idea you want to talk to someone about, we're here for you! 

Dr. Cari Peters
Formulator and Managing Partner

JRP_Cari Peters.jpg

Cari is the third generation formulator at JR Peters. Cari is our Chief Scientist and Master Craftswoman overseeing our products, laboratory, and technical team. When it comes to fertilizer and plant nutrition, she's constantly working to make sure that we're offering the solutions that you need. 

When not working on the next big idea here at JR Peters, you can catch Cari hanging with John and the kids and their dog Jozie.

John Raymond

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In his time with JR Peters, John has done just about every job here. 

He uses what he has learned from working across the different areas of the company to work with the Blue Crew. 


John loves working with the team here at JR Peters to produce the high quality products that our customers have come to trust.

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Mason Day
Director of Growth

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Let's Talk: New Opportunities, New Market Segments, International Development, Custom Blends, Supply Chain

Creds: B.Sc. Agricultural Sciences,     Cornell University 

Enjoys: Collectables, running, and his growing family

Fave Plant: Ligularia

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Kaitlyn Sterner
Director of Technical Support

JRP_Kaitlyn Sterner.jpg

Let's Talk: Growing Plants, Fertilizer Recommendations, Lab Services, Where to buy Jack's, Getting Jack's in Your Store

Creds: Longwood Gardens Professional Gardner Training Program 2011-2012; AS in Business Management Eastern Gateway Community College

Enjoys: GARDENING! her dog Timber, and raising chickens

Fave Plant: Geranium 'Rozanne' 

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Bill McEvoy
Sales Manager


Let's Talk: Distribution, Greenhouse Operations, Garden Centers

Creds: BS Biology, East Stroudsburg University

Enjoys: Flyfishing, Golf, Watching the Buffalo Bills

Fave Plant: Anything "Jacked" Up with the Blue Juice! 

JRP_Lab Crew.jpg

The JR Peters Laboratory is the heart and soul of what we do here. Our team is here to help you understand the conditions you're working with in your operation, while also diligently testing our products to ensure that only the finest water soluble fertilizers leave our facility. 

Have questions about a sample you submitted or about your lab account?   or    866-522-5752 ext 47

For a Test Kit:

Brett Heimbach
Technical Specialist

MicrosoftTeams-image (15).png

Let's Talk: Water Testing, Tissue Sampling, Cannabis Grow Schedules, Feeding Rates,

Stacking Buds 

Creds: BS Environmental Studies from

East Stroudsburg University,

6 year Blue Crew Vet

Enjoys: Hockey, Fishing, and Ferrets

Fave Plant: Bromeliads and Cannabis

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Lauren Houston
CEA Technical Specialist


Let's Talk: Hydroponics, Edible crops, Controlled Environment Agriculture, Greenhouse Production, Vertical Farms

Creds: B.Sc. Horticulture, Mississippi State University; M.Sc. Horticulture, University of Arkansas

Enjoys: Knitting

Fave Plant: Arrowhead Plant

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The JR Peters Lab Team

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