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Updates from the JRP Lab Crew 

  • All new customers must now pre-pay for the first 3 submissions. 

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Quality First

As a manufacturer of fertilizers used around the globe the foremost responsibility of our lab is to ensure that our products exceed the highest standards in quality. The JR Peters Laboratory is the scientific center for Jack’s Fertilizers. From start to finish we watch over our own processes to bring our customers the finest water soluble fertilizer and we can prove it! We’ve put a raw material qualification process along with our batch and lot tracking system in place so that our final products deliver everything they’re supposed to and nothing that they aren’t.

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Regardless of what you’re growing, our Laboratory can help you solve operational problems and inefficiencies. Our testing will show you at the nutritional level what’s out there in your water, media, and even plant tissue. These laboratory processes not only offer you a system for data driven problem solving, but also preventative assurance. Just getting started with Jack’s? Our lab testing provides the information you need to find and implement the best plant nutrition program, and track nutritional requirements ensuring that you start strong and stay on course.

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Your Success

When it comes to plant nutrition, we’re the experts you can lean on. Through our nutritional tracking programs and consulting, we provide nutritional info and analysis that you can use to improve your crops performance over time. In recent years we have seen an influx of people looking for some knowledge about how to get started in their own operation without the confusion of consultants or hours spent on the web. Turn to the Blue Crew at Jack’s for a few honest options that can be just what you need to get started or to help you sharpen you pencil and get closer to increased nutrient efficiency and plant growth.

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