Made in the USA: The family at JR Peters have been hard at work building fertilizers that keep in mind sustainable practices, efficient manufacturing and local team members. We love our home! Our company has been based in Allentown, Pennsylvania for over 70 years. Our goal is to produce innovative fertilizers and nutrient blends whose quality is unsurpassed using new and traditional blending methods.

For your Home Garden


Controlled Environment, Cannabis, Hemp

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For Commercial Horticulture

We've been helping growers of all kinds for over 70 years. No matter what you're growing, we've got you covered for all of your plant nutrition needs. All of our Jack's lines are crafted from the highest quality ingredients, formulated to help your plants achieve peak performance. Select the line to best fit your needs, and rely on Jack's to keep your plants growing strong. 


JR Peters, Inc. 

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Having trouble?  That’s where we shine.  The lab and manufacturing facility at JR Peters is literally within steps of all of our staff.  We all work together to solve our growers problems and produce the highest quality products.  Our turnaround time for samples is about 3 business days - that means we can get you real answers if and when you run into bumps along the road.