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Get Rollin' with Jack's Program

Setting up a nutrition plan and schedule for your grow can be a challenge. It takes not only in-depth knowledge of your crop, but also a background in science to understand what your plants need, and when they need it. Let our technical team take the stress out of setting things up.

Our highly trained and personalized technical staff will answer your questions and walk you through everything you need to know from result interpretation from our onsite lab, to formula choice, to mixing advice. After completing the Get Rollin' Program you’ll be on your way with a nutrition plan in hand with benchmarks to guide you as you go.

- 1 Source Water Test with Kit
- 1 Nutrient Solution Test with Kit
- 2 Consultation Sessions
- A Directed Nutrition Plan
- 1Kg bag of Jack's Nutrients 15-6-17 Clone

Jack's Grow Season Program

This grow season let the Jack's Nutrients team get you primed for success. Get access to priority testing, and unrivaled expert advice. Let us get your operation dialed-in, so you can produce a top notch crop, and plan for the future.  Our comprehensive testing and consultation program gives you the knowledge and confidence to make this the best grow season from start to finish.

Our technical team works with you to better understand what’s happening in your water, fertilizer solution, and media, and then helps you monitor your changes as well. We work with you on a season-long basis to make sure that your nutrient regiment is working just the way you need it to.

- 1 Source Water Test with Kit
- 1 Nutrient Solution Test with Kit
- 2 Media Analysis Tests with Kits
- 4 Consultation Sessions
- Customized Nutrition Plan
- Season Long Premium Access to Jack's Technical Support
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Monthly Consultation Program

When you need answers, you need a place to turn to that’s fast and reliable. Our monthly consultation program gives you access to our technical consultation team. Let your growers do what they do best – GROW. Let us handle the nutrient questions and challenges that come up in your operation. We’ll get you the scientific answers you need to keep things heading in the right way.

Sign up for our Monthly Consult Program in 6 or 12 month increments to get access to 2 hours of monthly 1 on 1 consulting on your plant nutrition questions and ideas. We’ll go well beyond a “question and answer” scenario to make sure we understand your scenarios and get you specific advice.

- Premium Access to Jack's Technical Support 
- 2 In-Depth Consultations per Month
- Available in 6 or 12 month Plans
- Access to Monthly Tracking Programs

Priority Access Consulting

Starting a new project? Taking on a new crop? Just know you’re going to need a little help? That’s what we’re here for. Get premium access to our technical support team in 4-hour increments. Whether you want us to do a little bit of training for your staff, or just need expert nutritional analysis when looking at growing your operation, our team dives into the science of what’s going on.

Our time goes fast! We recommend booking our time in advance of when you’ll need us so that you don’t have to worry about coming up short. Our 4-hour blocks are configured to get you the most return on your investment. Our priority access consultation gets you access the most in-depth knowledge available from our team of experts.

- Premium Access to Jack's Technical Support 
- 4 Hours of Reserved Time with our Technical Team

Onsite Evaluation

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty – or blue for that matter. Sometimes you just need someone to come out and look at what’s going on with the entire system. For instances of looking at multiple challenges, or setting up something completely new, we offer an onsite technical evaluation from one of our Jack’s technical experts.

We’ll come out and spend 3 hours at your location to understand the ins and outs of what’s happening with your growing operation. We’ll meet with your team in person to offer our expert opinions on the questions you have. There’s no easier way to diagnose problems and put you on the bath to success than to see things up close and personal. This also applies for onsite training from our JR Peters team. If you’ve got a multisite operation and want all of your growers to be on the same page, we’ll put on a live educational session and provide answers that will give your team the tools to churn out top-notch crops season after season.

- Premium Access to Jack's Technical Support 
- Onsite Training
- In-Person Evaluation
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