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Citrus FeED

Citrus FeED is designed to provide the optimum combination of nutrients needed by plants in the citrus group. This formula will produce vibrant green leaves, strong branches and more fruit.

All Purpose

All Purpose 20-20-20 is considered the industry standard of general purpose fertilizers by professional growers. It feeds both through the roots and leaves.


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Tomato FeED

Tomato FeED is formulated for vigorous plant growth from roots to green foliage, abundant flowering and fruit set for all tomato varieties and blooming vegetables. It also includes Calcium to help prevent blossom end rot.


ClassiCote with Crystal Green feeds your plants in a sustainable earth-friendly way utilizing a renewable, slowly available source of phosphorus and magnesium that would otherwise be lost as waste.

Jack's Classic for Fruits & Vegetables

Jack’s Classic is professional grade fertilizer for the home gardener. Feed your plants with the best quality fertilizer to allow for continued plant health over time. These lines of Jack’s Classic have been crafted to help you get the best yield from your fruit and vegetable plants. Click on a specific product to learn more.

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