The FeED line features our most advanced chelating system and boosted levels of micronutrients to fit the specific needs of today’s crops. Each product contains increased levels of iron, derived from three chelate sources (EDDHA, EDTA and DTPA) extra magnesium, low ammonium, and no urea. Our proprietary blend of iron level is unmatched by any competitor and guaranteed to deliver iron at a much broader range of pH over the entire crop cycle.


Testing services

22-5-16 Mum FeED
20-3-19 Petunia FeED
18-2-18 Boosted Base FeED
17-5-19 Poinsettia FeED Plus Mg
15-4-15 Poinsettia FeED Ca-Mg
17-3-19 Fall Pansy FeED
15-2-20 Spring Pansy FeED
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Having trouble?  That’s where we shine.  The lab and manufacturing facility at JR Peters is literally within steps of all of our staff.  We all work together to solve our growers problems and produce the highest quality products.  Our turnaround time for samples is about 3 business days - that means we can get you real answers if and when you run into bumps along the road.