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Professional Fertilizer for Consumers

Jack’s Classic is professional grade fertilizer for the home gardener. We value the success of our customers. This is why you can’t find Jack’s Classic just anywhere. We are proud to say that we have partnered with some of the finest Independent Garden Centers in North America to offer Jack’s Classic to home gardeners. These Garden Centers have the knowledge and experience that the Jack’s name can stand behind.

Hot Classics


Jack's Classic Houseplant Special 15-30-15 - 

Houseplant Special 15-30-15 is our traditional indoor houseplant fertilizer designed for use on all foliage and flowering plants. Professional growers prefer the 1-2-1 ratio fertilizer used for over 50 years to keep indoor grown plants vigorous and green. 


Jack's Classic Petunia FeED 20-6-22 - 

Excellent for the new generation of iron dependent annuals: petunia, calibrachoa, bacopa, diascia, nemesia, scaveola, verbena, pansy, vinca, etc.


Jack's Classic Tomato FeED 12-15-30 - 

Tomato FeED contains a micronutrient package and Magnesium for improved feeding results under diverse soil and growing conditions. It also includes Calcium, an effective nutrient to help prevent blossom end rot.

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ClassiCote with Crystal Green 15-8-23 - 

ClassiCote with Crystal Green feeds your plants in a sustainable earth-friendly way utilizing a renewable, slowly available source of phosphorus and magnesium that would otherwise be lost as waste. 


Click here to access the full Jack's Classic web experience, and see all of our professional grade formulas!

Let's get your Independent Garden Center equipped with the best Jack's Classic formulas and materials to meet all of your consumers needs. Schedule a time to see what we can do for you. 

Already Selling Jack's?

Let’s hook you up! We’ve got some awesome promotional materials to help you showcase the Jack’s Classic line even more. Drop us your info, what kind of POP materials you’re looking for, and we can have your Jack’s display looking better than ever!


Get on the Map!

Jack’s Classic is professional grade fertilizer for the home gardener. It’s time to help your customers get the most out of their plants! We can’t wait to help your Independent Garden Center find a way to get Jack’s on the shelf. Leave your contact info, and we can help you find a distributor.

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