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At JR Peters Inc. we understand that every grower faces unique challenges depending on what you're growing and where you're located. We've been helping growers overcome these challenges since 1947 and don't intend to stop anytime soon. Over the years we've developed an array specific formulas to help you out. Here's just a few to check out!

Jack's Professional 20-3-19 Petunia FeED - 

Specially formulated for chronically iron-hungry crops such as petunia, calibrachoa, bacopa and others. The original Jack's FeED product designed with all three iron chelates, EDTA, DTPA and EDDHA. Our proprietary blend of iron is unmatched and guaranteed to deliver iron at a much broader range of pH over the entire crop cycle.

Looking for the right FeEDing lineup to reach maximum efficiency in your greenhouse? Schedule a time to talk to our team of experts to get the recommendtion you need!

Jack's Professional 22-5-16 Mum FeED - 

Mums are heavy feeders that respond well to additional magnesium, sulfur and iron. Many times though, the iron becomes unavailable as the pH rises. The elevated iron levels found in the exclusive FeED iron chelate system keeps the iron available to the plant even if the pH rises during the crop cycle. 

Jack's Professional 15-4-15 Poinsettia FeED CaMg - 

This product is designed to fit the needs of the newer poinsettia cultivars that require micronutrients, but a lesser amount of macronutrients. The specialty FeED package keeps iron available at a broader range of pH plus extra Molybdendum and lower B.  This formula is a Cal-Mag and should be used to supply extra Calcium and Magnesium.

Jack's Professional LX 21-5-20 All Purpose - 

This is the ideal fertilizer for moderate to high alkalinity water. This complete formula keeps magnesium and phosphorus soluble in concentration giving the grower ultimate flexibility when adjusting their nutrient program. It can be tank mixed with 15-5-15, other Jack's LX formulas as well as Calcium nitrate and or magnesium nitrate.

Jack's Professional LX 13-2-13 Plug - 

An ideal fertilizer for plug and young plant production.  A complete formula with 6% soluble calcium and 3% soluble magnesium. It is formulated with 94% nitrate nitrogen to provide an easy to uptake nitrogen form for new roots and also low light, cooler conditions.  Low phosphorus and a balanced micronutrient package helps promote compact, sturdy plugs.

Jack's Professional 15-0-15 Dark Weather - 

Jack's Dark Weather formula is one of our most popular when growers are looking for a way to increase calcium into their fertility program.  An ideal product for growers who want a non-phosphorus, high nitrate product with calcium.

Jack's Professional LX 17-4-17 Pure Water - 

Use this Jack's LX blend when you are using a very pure water source.  This can be from a Reverse Osmosis filter or a naturally occurring source like rain water.  Formulas designers at JR Peters ensured this blend will deliver the desired 4:1:4 macro nutrient ratio along with 3% Calcium and 1.5% soluble magnesium


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