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Jack'd Up Gardening #1 - Feeding Houseplants!

Welcome to our brand new video series, "Jack'd Up Gardening", where we take you into the world of plant nutrition and answer all of your pressing questions. Our resident experts, Kaitlyn Sterner and Mason Day will be diving into new topics every week, so get your questions ready.

This week, Kaitlyn and Mason talk HOUSEPLANTS. This time of the year there isn't a whole lot of blooming going on so we thought it'd be a great time to focus on the houseplants where blooms aren't the main focus - Monstera, Pilea, Peperomia, etc.

Just like outdoor plants, houseplants need nutrients/food/fertilizer to thrive. What should you be feeding your houseplants? How often do you fertilize your houseplants? We've got your answers here.

Submit any questions you'd like us to cover to!

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