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Jack'd Up Gardening #16 - Blossom End Rot

We've all experienced it. You look out your window, you see it, the first red tomato of the season. You race out the door, probably don't even put shoes on, to pick it. You can already taste the BLT you're going to make for lunch. You get there only to find that there's a big rotten spot on the bottom of your beautiful tomato.

Blossom end rot is the crusher of dreams when it comes to those early tomatoes. Today we talk about practices you can use to mitigate this problem in your garden. It used to be thought that this disease was caused by a calcium deficiency in your tomato plants, and that you could cure it with a heavy dose of calcium. This isn't necessarily always the case. Today we dive into the factors that play a role in this pesky problem, and how you can solve it.

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