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Jack'd Up Gardening #14 - Acid Loving Plants

When it comes to plants, some tend to prefer soils with a lower pH A.K.A. Acidic Soils. And truthfully it's not that they even use the "acid" in the soil or whatever you might be thinking. Some plants require a more acidic soil environment to absorb the proper nutrients that they need to thrive.

Some people don't like to eat in loud restaurants. Some plants don't like to feed in soils with a higher pH. Plants like azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, pin oaks, holly, hydrangea (blue), magnolias, white and yellow pine, spruce, cedar, birch, and blueberry fall into this category. Well what happens if you want to grow a blueberry bush in your backyard but the soil pH is a little too high? That's where our Jack's Classic Acid Special 17-6-6 can help.

This formula is designed to help you provide a more acidic environment and proper nutrition so that your plants can chow down the way they're supposed to! Check out this week's video to get the complete download from Kaitlyn and Mason.

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what mix do you recommend for cannabis?


Nagie Khamisi
Nagie Khamisi
Aug 04, 2021

hello i want buy some fertilizer but phone not working the n p k very good fertilizer

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