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Jack'd Up Gardening #13 - Applying Jack's

When it comes to fertilizer it's important to know how much fertilizer to use, and how often to fertilize. Knowing these things makes a big difference in how fast your plants grow, and helps them from showing signs of pesky deficiencies.

However, those aren't the only important things. When it comes to the fertilizer market as a whole, consumers have all sorts of options, and here at Jack's we strongly believe that our water soluble line is the most effective way to go. So we have a lot of new customers ask: "HOW do I apply Jack's?"

The key here to remember is "Water Soluble". In order for your plants to benefit from all of that Jack's goodness, you first must dissolve it in water - with the exception of our Jack's ClassiCote of course. In today's Jack'd Up Gardening we talk about how to properly apply Jack's Classic to your plants, and what not to do.

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