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Jack'd Up Gardening #5 - Tropical Hibiscus

Cool plants that break the rules? We're all about it!

This week on Jack'd Up Gardening the gang is talking about one of Mason's favorite plants: Tropical Hibiscus. Tropical Hibiscus is a versatile plant that's becoming increasingly popular as a showy part of flower beds, containers, and now even as a houseplant.

Today we take a look at what fertilizer suits Tropical Hibiscus best, and why our recommendation is different from what you might expect.

As always you can reach us with questions at!

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2 comentários

petr petrov
petr petrov
04 de out. de 2023



Cody Caporaso
Cody Caporaso
17 de mai. de 2021

Hey Guys! I absolutely loved this video :) Hibiscus is one of my favorite plants ever. I first fell in love with Hibiscus, when I was a student at Longwood Gardens (world renowned garden) and I was working in the rose/hibiscus room. I thought to myself "how are these Hibiscus blooms so amazing?!" I asked the head Gardner what they fed the hibiscus and he said Jack's Nutrients!

Again, awesome video and keep up the good work!

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